Whilst I've created a range of Art Prints across various sizes, I think you'll agree that we no longer live in a world where standard anything, is the norm.  The spaces we occupy are often new, contemporary in design and custom built to architectural specification.  Wall widths and heights are no longer standard, nor are the furniture pieces we choose to buy; so why should art be? 

I can custom make any artwork featured on this website to your size and shape specification, in your choice of digitally printed format. Digitally produced art has great scope in adaptability and flexibility in size and can be used across the board in interior design projects, which is why I love this medium. You have the choice of choosing either fabric, metal or white panels as artwork bases.  This type of art is an ideal wall decor choice for any residential or commercial space which commands large format artworks.

The beauty of this type of art is that it is non-reflective,moisture resistant and considered hygienic because it doesn’t hold dust; making them particularly ideal for kitchens, hospitality areas, restaurants, foyers, highly lit or sun drenched spaces. They can even be hung outdoors in shaded areas. 

Having production houses in both Australia and Europe, I can service clients worldwide. Using the same production house as Lumas - I can guarantee you the same style and high quality of artwork.

To view artwork formats, please see FAQ.


If you appreciate my style of work but can't see an artwork with the right colours, I'd love to work with you to create an artwork to a specific colour or style brief; a work which reflects your personality - complements your space and decor - fits your budget and is unique for you.

I've successfully worked closely with clients purely via email with stunning results. Their testimonials reflect their satisfaction with my service and quality of work.

Prices will vary per project and artwork format and will be confirmed upon request, so please get in touch.