I am proud to announce that last night I became the 2015 Winner of the Corangamarah Acquisitive Art Prize for my work, Seeing the Forest which was judged on my interpretation of the term con.ceit. What an honour!

The creation of this work has been inspired by my ruminations on perception, perspectives and learning how to see the forest beyond the trees.

In order to give the work a holistic synergy, I had carefully selected a circular shape - copper coloured aluminium as an artwork foundation - imagery of treebranches.

Since time, copper and trees have been crucial to our evolution and represent growth and energy; the circle symbolises wholeness, the self and eternity.

Trees have symbolised life; a vessel with healing properties, branches of energy and bearers of fruit.  If we're fit and strong enough we can physically climb branches to get to a higher level for a better vantage point and enjoy the view.

Like tree branches, our thought processes can sometimes become entangled but with motivation and personal training, we can change our perceptionin order to get a better perspective.

Seeing the Forest encapsulates in totality, my infinite quest to reach a higher perspective and to see things differently and clearly, continually.

The greatest happiness for me is the fact that the work is now owned by Colac Health Care and forms part of their art collection.  The workwill be hung in The Aged Care Facility and the judge, Dr Marion Manifold, believes that the residents will gain great joy and solace whilst looking at this artwork.  I truly hope they do.

This work is currently on exhibit at Red Rock Regional Theatre & Gallery at 520 Corangamite Lake Road, Cororooke until August 30.