This documentary brought me to tears.  I felt great sorrow, deep sadness and absolute bewilderment. I feel extreme disappointment in those who dare question the topic of climate change. How much more evidence do they need? Until complete islands no longer exist?  We need to wake up and act quickly.

I am repulsed by the selfishness and greed of those who lead corporations who truly believe it is their god given right to rape and pillage the earth until there is nothing left for their grandchildren to enjoy.  They should be ashamed of themselves. Some days I feel completely disillusioned with mankind and just depressed.  I question whether we will ever grow consciously as a race. When will we start accepting responsibility for our actions?  When will we become accountable? 

Please watch this film and share it. 

Each and everyone of us can make a difference by choosing to make the right choices in the future.  Watch and learn.