I don't know about you but 2016 has been a lousy year for me on so many levels. As a citizen of the world I feel the need to speak up.

Apart from the absurd and heart breaking events in my personal life caused by others, the continuing wars and terror attacks across the globe have made me feel very disillusioned with the world to the point where I am trying to remain "glass half full" and to have a positive outlook on life. 

Why? Why? Why? I keep asking myself. War and terrorism are senseless - they don't prove anything. Where is all this hate coming from? Why are people being irresponsible? Don't people care anymore? What has happened to humanity? Did it ever exist?  I'm desperately trying to make sense of this nutty world.

I've spent the last 20 years of my life creating art; wanting to leave a beautiful footprint on this earth. I've been so absorbed in my own little world, cleansing my soul of the dirt of everyday life, as Picasso once put it, hiding from reality. It's taken the latest terrorist attack here in Berlin to drag me away from my art and to think clearly about where this world is heading. 

Creating art is a wonderful profession but who am I kidding? Art doesn't make the world go round and the world doesn't really need it, to move forward. What the world needs is good wholesome people in it.

And then, I fortuitously found this quote which I haven't stopped thinking about - If you want to change the future of the world, go home and love your children. It's spot on - wouldn't you agree? It all starts at home. All of it. Children are the product of their parents and fundamentally the buck stops with you - mother and father.

Let's face it angry parents create angry children who become angry adults. Hate equals hate. Violence equals violence. What sort of environment do you have at home? I urge you to please take YOUR responsibility as parents, seriously. Raise and guide your children - teach them manners, respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, mindfulness and love. Teach them the art of communication and communicate with them. Yes - pull them away from the TV, internet and mobile phones! They need you.

Please don't just drag up your children or shrug off your responsibility. There is enough ugliness in the world - try not to contribute to it.

Choose love and peace at home so that YOU can change the future of the world your children will live in.

Sonja Robarsonja robar