Happy New Year everyone but how on earth did we get to the middle of February already? 

As a progressive artist it is important for me to embrace change and to reinvent myself and my work continually.  Most people hate the idea of change but I see the concept of change as being healthy.  I feel cleansed, reinvigorated and ready for new challenges and opportunities when I adopt change. To evolve has a human being, one must change.

A new year for me generally means a change in artistic direction and the development of a new style of artwork .  This year sees me churning out "painterly" artworks and I am quite enchanted in seeing a sense of freedom and playfulness leaping out of my images. What do you think?

My previous works had a sense of order and structure about them and I was definitely in control when creating them.  However, these new works have come about intuitively, where the works have guided me every step of the way.  Relinquishing control can be difficult at times but oh, is it ever so liberating!

Looking forward to dazzling with you plenty of new vibrant work this year!