We had a six day stopover in Dubai on the way to Berlin.  This city felt so surreal and unlike any other place I have visited thus far. I felt like I was on a film set. The streets pulsed with continual traffic, day and night, yet were devoid of any human life.  Diverse architecture in all shapes and sizes had me captivated. 


It was incredibly hot with an oppressive heat - 45 degrees in the shade. Because of the heat we spent most of our time indoors and sadly, I didn't the chance to swim in the sea as I had longed for. 

We rode the pleasantly air-conditioned sky rail, did a fabulous bus tour, lapped up the spectacular views from our superstar luxury hotel and frequented shopping malls (more than we would have liked) which boasted every imaginable fashion brand and overall, had me yawning.  Those who know me well, know that I am not a big mall shopper at all - the music and lighting in these establishments are so irritating and drive me insane.  And besides, I prefer to support the goods and services of the small grocers in my local shopping strip or markets.

The highlight of our short visit, was stumbling upon Alserkal Avenue, an arts hub located in Dubai's industrial quarter. The Avenue is a cluster of industrial warehouses, some containing private galleries which had fabulously large exhibition spaces showcasing art from world-wide artists. In a few instances, I had the feeling of being in New York's meat-packing art district. 


Dubai was a great eye opener and tickled every sense - if you get the chance to visit, do it!